Cheers to Jesus Christ…

Two thousand & nine years ago (approx),  a really good bloke was born. He had a think, wandered around for a bit, buggered off to Asia for a short time, had a lot of chats with what were essentially “Buddhists”, got his ducks in a row and then came back and basically said:

“Oi, how about we try to be nice to each other n’ stop pissin’ all over each others dreams cause we all come from the same place and we’re all going to the same place and I think what we do here and now & how we treat each other matters. Whaddaya reckon guys?”

As history shows, they nailed the poor bugger to a tree for saying this stuff BUT, then and afterward, a lot of people said “SHIT, ya know what? I think he mighta been right”.

Tomorrow many people will attempt to eat/drink their own body weight in food & drink and exchange consumer items in memory of this good bloke. Some of them may even think about some of the things he said. Sure, it was wrapped up in some “god-speak” and some weird things that probably only applied to that area (i.e. “ahh, ya had to be there mate”) but that’s just the way it was back then. If ya didn’t phrase stuff in “God-Lingo” back then even the goats would of ignored ya.

So anyway, here’s a big CHEERS to Jesus Christ on his birthday, an all round good bloke, a refugee (as were Mary & Joseph) and probably one of the first socialists. Have a think about what he meant while you’re trying to work out how you’re going to move with that much food in ya stomach.

OK Tony, ya can stone me now…….

jc stencil


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