Poor Pitiful Racist Me….

Boo hoo, my life is crap so i’m going to blame someone else for not being the same “colour/race/nationality/religion” as me and pretend that they’ve taken something that I would otherwise have gotten (job, money, house girl/boy) or that they’re doing something to change my society for the worse through their religion/ethnicity/beliefs. That way:

A:  I won’t have to face the fact that I’m a fuckin loser and my life is probably crap because so am I.

B: I won’t have to look for or fight the REAL ENEMY cause those people are probably rich and powerfull and deep down I’m just a fuckin coward and don’t really want to take them on.

C: I get to excercise & vent all the stupid little steroetypes and ignorant stories that were handed down to me from the last generation of fucktards.


One Response to “Poor Pitiful Racist Me….”

  1. Ross CLARK Says:

    Yeah actually I blame the Martians NOBODY loves Martians, so I’m on safe ground there

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