Gay Marriage is like a Beetroot sandwich.

I’m not into beetroot & don’t want one myself but I’m not shallow or petty enough to think that others having a beetroot sandwich destroys the idea of sandwiches in general or that it will affect the taste of my chicken, vegemite & cheese, or salami/meatball (ho ho) sandwiches.

Also, if I say it’s ok to ban Beetrrot sandwiches based on my prefernce to NOT eat them then I’ve set a precedence that could eventually be used to take away my favourite sandwich (which btw is Salmon, sliced gherkin, hot english mustard, kewpie mayonaise, cheese, cucumber & lettuce on wholegrain washed down w/ a cider).

Let’s face it, the arguements against gay marriage are crap. Tthe population arguement is invalid (there’s already 7 f*ckin billion of us, many of whom can’t be fed), the religous arguement is invalid (“GOD” is apparently omniscient and as such made all things EXACTLY as they should be so take it up with him/her/it) & the “it’ll encourage the kids to be Gay” arguement is invalid AND retarded (I saw a HELL OF A LOT of ppl playing cricket as a kid but short of a gun to thead, you ain’t gettin me to stand in a field for hours while some twit in white chucks balls at another guy with a stick)

I’m not into Beetroot sandwiches so I just don’t eat em.

It really is that fuckin simple.
thus endeth the rant…


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