Ban The BURKA?

Fuck That Shit! Sunglasses, hoodies, beards, fancy dress & Halloween masks, even make-up, all obscure ppls faces. Unless we’re going to ban all of these things & live in a mass CCTV infested Police State with a Government Approved Dress Code then ppl should have the right, regardless of why, to wear what they want if it doesn’t REALLY infringe on anyone-elses rights.

Anyone who finds young women with their faces covered “scary” or “intimidating” probably need to get therapy rather than give in to their cowardice & fear. I’m not a big fan of religion & i think it’s the biggest control system & dead end archaic form of thinking in the world BUT see that’s my “OPINION” & I like having the freedom to think that. Because the minute you give any bitch or bastard the right to tell you or others what we can wear, watch, listen to, read, think or do, we cease to become a “free citizen”.

I used to have a 12 inch Mohawk, chains going from nose piercings to ear piercings, dog collars & large chains around my neck, shredded jeans, offensive t-shirts & badges, large boots & painted leather jackets w/ a shitload of anti-authoritarian slogans on em’. Some ppl didn’t like it. Some cops didn’t like it, especially up around Rockhampton years ago, but it’s called living in a free country.

The bottom line is, if you don’t like pornography, don’t watch it.
If you don’t like meat, don’t eat it.
Don’t like Burkas?

Then don’t fuckin’ wear one.


2 Responses to “BAN THE BURKA?”

  1. I agree in principal. How do you feel about women who are forced to wear one? How do you tell the difference between those who are forced and those who wear one by choice?

    • I feel the same way I do about anyone that’s forced to do something against their will & that violates their freedom, it’s wrong & it will more likely destroy faith than strengthen it. I guess the way you tell the difference is to ask them & assume they’ll answer honestly.

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