Fuck Howard & the FEAR he rode in on…

The reason many remember John Howard fondly is because he simply was NOT a “Leader”.

Leader’s on both sides of politics, & in the middle, throughout history, have usually pushed us to be better than we are, to aim past ignorance towards enlightenment & to say we can & will do better than we are & we will progress & move forward.

Howard did not.

Howard encouraged base ignorance, petty jealousy, uncertainty & hate. He was the school teacher that goads the class to bully the weakest because HE wants to be popular & because it distracts from HIS own FAILINGS. Where leaders in the past aimed beyond the horizon to lift us up, Howard aimed as low as possible & said “Your IGNORANCE is great, your racism is JUSTIFIED & your petty selfishness is just fine”.
We all know that the adult who doles out lollies, Coke & McDonalds day after day is always the most popular & when that adult couldn’t care less about the obesity, rotting teeth & diabetes that will occur later, then the disasterous result can always justify their means.

Howard, the little boy that neither his party nor country ever really wanted till there was no-one else left, looked down the barrel of an election he was about to lose in 2001 & knew that a country that was just beginning to overcome it’s uncertainty & lack of self-confidence at being only 200 years old & being the only “white guy” in the Asia Pacific, could easily be tipped back into hysteria & paranoia with a few well placed panic news stories accompanied by “we will decide who comes here” & “we don’t know they’re NOT terrorists” from a “wise old leader” whose job was to protect them.

It took many years for the “Howard Battlers” to realise that their Hero was the very reason they had to battle so hard, that the “prosperity” he delievered came from the hard work done to balance society many years before & that the unbalancing was happening BECAUSE of him but by then the disease had set in.

Now his squalling, squirming brat Abbott, who was suckled at the bitter tit of ignorance & racist populism & who learnt that screaming “White Makes Right” long enough & loud enough can drown out any common sense or morality, is about to re-harnass all that uncertainty, that pettiness & selfish stupidity & ride all the way to victory on the backs of the poor & many of them will cheer him all the way.

Howard started the disease & Abbott’s here to make sure the cancer keeps spreading.

Fuck em both & the fear they rode in on…


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