Flag-Humpers are worse than f*ckin Bible Bashers in Oz sometimes

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Flag-Humpers are worse than f*ckin Bible Bashers in Oz sometimes. At least bible-bashers don’t demand ppl get out for not believing the same thing as them.


Prey To The Monkey (Fallen)

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Today I met a monkey

beneath a virgin sky

with mischief in it’s countenance

ambition in it’s eyes

It smiled and rose to greet me

as best a monkey can

and said to me I think

and therefore think I am


It bid me sit and talk awhile 

there underneath the trees

and offered me a drink it made 

of liquid and leaves

we sat across the fires haze

gazing through the smoke

drank our stone cups dry

and then the monkey spoke


It said “I aim to lose my fur

to be a naked ape

to shed this skin of simian 

and shun all that’s primate

I now intend to walk erect

no shambling gait or crawl

and speak with perfect eloquence

not mindless caterwauls”


‘Where once I swung through trees’ it said,

‘I now walk on the ground

and turn this tongue to voice, I strum

these chords of speech to sound

In this way I communicate

with others of my kind,

Express not only instinct but

all turnings of the mind


For I have dreams would drive

all other species mad in

such complex architect and number

none before have had

such visions, of myself, but risen

far beyond these trees

in geometric wonders in the skies

and on the seas


of shapes and colours lived within

defying air and space

a thousand creeds and breeds of mine

a rainbow of a race

But none of this would come to pass

If not for one small point

A matter of both bone and blood

of sinew, and of joint ‘


The monkey held it’s arms apart

and smiled as paws uncurled

“I have opposing thumbs you see

with which to hold the world’

Now I believe this raises me

above all bird and beast,

if evolution be an art,

I be it’s masterpiece, where


form and function, sentience

organically converge to

create a total greater than

the sum of those that merged

what brighter flame has ever burned

in evolutions fire

a prodigal primate savant,

mammalian messiah.


What other creature has, as I, 

the words to pass the wise

the sharper teeth of logic

or imaginations eyes

If not for me the world would turn on

blindly unaware

each animal unconscious of itself

and none would care


no Sentience would ponder on the

nature of lifes bluffs

or understand that simply to

exist is not enough.

For life’s a riddle, wrapped in puzzles,

buried deep in lies,

and I believe, beyond this skin,

a greater answer lies.


For surely it can not be true

that all this is by chance

That nature one day spun a web

and chaos came to dance

And in their footsteps left behind

an accidental seed,

that thin air grew to suns and stars

and finally flowered me.


That all this is coincidence

it beggars disbelief

so I have pondered long on this

and here is my belief’


Here the monkey paused and turned

it’s eyes towards the flames

and through the smoke I saw as it had spoke

that it was changed

and in the spaces time and place

had touched their brush upon

lay smoother skin where fur had thinned

and now was all but gone


Both gaze and brow were softer now

than were when first I sat

and vestiges of bestial were

slowly peeling back

and as it’s eyes returned to me

the gaze of man was plain

and glancing sadly at our cups

it then began again


it said ‘I understand that you

are not the same as I

for I am only flesh and bone

and thou art made of sky

Where I am born in blood and pain

and count my years in scores

you span the vast celestial

in ageless, faceless forms


for you are nature, lord, creator

God of many names

both Father to the firmaments

and Mother of domains

The Architect of all I see

from mote to black hole suns

I genuflect in prayer to thee

for all that you have done.


But though I know my debt to you

and owe you all I am

I cannot kneel forever lord

and so I now must stand

and as when any flower grows

by need there must be thorns

so I have taken, as they say,

the devil by the horns


to grant myself assurity

to not fall whim to tides

of fate and forces making but

that I alone decide

and though I wish it otherwise

it seems forever true

as night will follow day, so must

the old make way for new

So if you think me harsh or cruel

then keep this thought in mind

that life was not my game, my God

and these rules were not mine’


The monkey then grew silent and

my eyes began to dim

I made to stand but fell as urge

abandoned every limb

and as I lay with face to sky

the creature rose to stand

and kneeling gently by my side

it took my head in hands


and while I lay upon it’s lap

the darkness grew complete

a raindrop seemed to fall that tasted

both of salt and heat

and when it’s words words came back again

it seemed from far away

in many tongues and voices

the monkey then did say


‘If I am just an animal

then dust is all I be

it matters not what I do here

for there is only me,

so you are my delusion born,

 as madness spirals down

and I am just a species that

will soon be dead in ground.


But if I am a higher form

with spirit that persists

long after bones have had their say

and flesh no more exists

then I am of the heavens too,

an angel in the skin,

and your flame now must cease to burn

if mine is to begin


for i am otherwise the moth

that tries to reach the sun

and never understands the journey

is a pointless one,

a path that only ever ends

in ash or dead desire

so if I am to shine then I

must set myself afire


and all my passions, rage and pain

desires, love and hate

are fuels to feed my hearts inferno

sparks to light my fate

but these alone are not enough

for dreams as vast as mine are now

and so all life, each living thing

is kindling to me now


from plant to planet, seed to universe

I would consume

each scale and fin, all bark and skin

from fur to feathers plume

and I would not reserve my own kind

from ambitions flame

through mindless wars and endless causes

even in your name,


would I inflict upon my own

the stuff of nightmares dreams

for my survival is the end

that justifies all means

and if I burn the world to smoke

through turns and paths I choose

it matters not for why else is it here

but for my use?


the building blocks of life and stars

are toys with which I play

creation is my business lord

when you are gone away

and when all mysteries are revealed

and none are hid from view

then I will be as god, now you are gone

I will be you


and only then will I be free

and live in fear no more

not cower in the dark of night

not wait for teeth and claws

nor for disease to steal my breath

and leave me cold as stone

or age, like sleep, to come with masks

and powder up these bones


No Beast or Bird

or fish nor fire

from the sky or ground

will bite at me, nor water

rising up or falling down

will cover me like dirt when I am

flesh made into flame,

when I am incandescent then

FOREVER is my name


then I will be beyond the stars

and brighter than the sun

seraph wrapped safe in my OWN Grace

a bright and shining one

when I am light, and gone is night

and Death has run away

Then I Will Live Forever, GOD,




With this said, a silence fell

and nothing else was heard

no more the sound of wind in leaves

or songs of beasts and birds

the smell of trees and forests gone

and oceans wiped away

as if all things relied upon

had lived their final day 


so I lay there in this void

and slowly lived my last

and silence like a shroud

now wrapped around and held me fast

and when as if an age had passed

I heard a single sound

a solitary wailing

like a soul had came unbound


And when the creature spoke this time

it’s voice held no more thrall

it had no reason, had no rhyme

and made no sense at all

It spoke in words beyond its’ tongue

of worlds beyond its sight

danced in and out of lunacy

like sense had taken flight


It cursed me, wept, then begged me stay

not leave it here alone

in blinding, bright and sterile light

this deader white than bone

But I am almost gone within

this darker twin of birth

and pulse to me, like colour to the

blind now has no worth


So as it raves a thousand tongues

and screams in maddening light

and I now wake oblivion

to cease this dream of life

it sobs and rocks me back and forth

and as I fade away

I sense it gather up its’ self

as if with more to say


The splintered shards of voices

for one last time coalesce

as both my breath  and tidal pulse

now ebb and come to rest

and as I die it whispers the last

words I ever hear


‘I finally see


the truth of me


now I


am all


I fear’





2003 ©opyleft by SCART (shane carter)

(Dedicated to my Mother, Viveene Carter)

When The F*CK Did Rock Music Stop being Dangerous?

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Many years ago they banned a guy called Elvis Presley from being shown from the waist up on TV because they thought his lewd hip swinging threatened to “corrupt peoples morals.” Later on the Sex Pistols had a number one single but their spot on the chart was simply left blank because the powers that be decided their band and song name were offensive and a “threat to public morals”

The Dead Kennedys had all the christ cash (inc) of the entire PMRC (Parents Music Resource Centre, i.e. Moral Majority Christians) thrown at them for using world renowned artist H.R. Gigers “Penis Landscape” on their “FrankenChrist” album cover, but the reality was the conservative Christian lobby had been itching for years to get at the DK’s for their hard hitting political statements and “anti-establishment” advocating.

“Rage Against the Machine”…. well, unless you’ve been in a coma for 20 years then it goes without saying. Same for a few like Anti-Flag & Rise Against. One reason given for RATM’s success is that they were one of the few bands actually saying something real about the world and the problems in it, as opposed to “love songs”, party tunes and empty meandering’s . And is it coincidence that not long after these kind of bands start coming up, the safe little genre of “Emo” arrived? A highly saleable consumer combo of punk & gothic where the inane songs focus on “ME ME ME” and the only form of aggression (cutting yourself) is turned inwards and creates no social threat whatsoever? Whoa, the implication that “EMO” was a safe lil’ industry created genre, now there’s a conspiracy theory worthy of the “911 was an inside job” crowd! Cheer up Emo Kid ;).

My question is, when in the last 10 -20 years did anything truly dangerous make it’s way into the mainstream? When did you last hear a song on radio or TV and think “HOLY SHIT, that’s edgy!” or get the feeling that you just witnessed something that could truly shake shit up?

Is it the commercialisation of everything that leads to this “bland, homogenous, “plastic rebellion” I mean, what the FUCK is “Golf Punk”? How dangerous can punk bands be if they need to sell their cover art as iPod covers to pay the bills? And, is it the band’s fault for doing it or the fault of the fans for buying it? In an age where protesters request permission to make a stand and then have to “march between the lines” and the media owners create pop star icons to suit their advertising needs, is punk now nothing more to most people than a genre to check out on iTunes or MySpace, a short little angst stop on the road to becoming a good little normaloid citizen in suburbicide? Does it even matter if it’a all just for poops & giggles?

Even in the mainstream of music, club owners are more likely to hire cover or “concept bands” that play old hits instead of paying original bands to play. Is that the punters fault for wanting a “safe night out” listening to things they already know and if so when did we become more interested in safety than adventure and exploring new boundaries, being the first to discover some killer new band on MySpace and draging ya mates along to see em, whether they wanna go or not?

Anyway, I’m just throwing up some “food for thought” but next time we’re buying our punk rock patches from BIG W or KMART, downloading our Gallows tunes through iTunes (or DL’ing them for FREE & forcing the band to sell those old iPod covers ;), making Doc Martens PTY LTD INC richer or purchasing our “rebellious slogan” t-shirts that were prob made by some multinational company in a third world sweat shop, maybe we should keep the old anarchist slogan in mind: “If voting could really change the system, it would be illegal”
and ask ourselves:

“If any of this we’re TRULY dangerous or a threat in any way, do you really think they’d let us buy, wear, watch, hear or download it?”

And if the answer is “yeah, if there’s a buck in it for them” then I got a feeling that’s because they know they’ve got us all to a point of wanting our toys & noises, our bread & circuses too much to ever really upset the apple cart…

I got a feeling the thing they made safe wasn’t the material, the music, the art, the films or the ideas….

I got a feeling that the thing they made safe and non threatening, was us.


p.s. This appeared in QPunx a while back


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Ban The BURKA?

Fuck That Shit! Sunglasses, hoodies, beards, fancy dress & Halloween masks, even make-up, all obscure ppls faces. Unless we’re going to ban all of these things & live in a mass CCTV infested Police State with a Government Approved Dress Code then ppl should have the right, regardless of why, to wear what they want if it doesn’t REALLY infringe on anyone-elses rights.

Anyone who finds young women with their faces covered “scary” or “intimidating” probably need to get therapy rather than give in to their cowardice & fear. I’m not a big fan of religion & i think it’s the biggest control system & dead end archaic form of thinking in the world BUT see that’s my “OPINION” & I like having the freedom to think that. Because the minute you give any bitch or bastard the right to tell you or others what we can wear, watch, listen to, read, think or do, we cease to become a “free citizen”.

I used to have a 12 inch Mohawk, chains going from nose piercings to ear piercings, dog collars & large chains around my neck, shredded jeans, offensive t-shirts & badges, large boots & painted leather jackets w/ a shitload of anti-authoritarian slogans on em’. Some ppl didn’t like it. Some cops didn’t like it, especially up around Rockhampton years ago, but it’s called living in a free country.

The bottom line is, if you don’t like pornography, don’t watch it.
If you don’t like meat, don’t eat it.
Don’t like Burkas?

Then don’t fuckin’ wear one.

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Gay Marriage is like a Beetroot sandwich.

I’m not into beetroot & don’t want one myself but I’m not shallow or petty enough to think that others having a beetroot sandwich destroys the idea of sandwiches in general or that it will affect the taste of my chicken, vegemite & cheese, or salami/meatball (ho ho) sandwiches.

Also, if I say it’s ok to ban Beetrrot sandwiches based on my prefernce to NOT eat them then I’ve set a precedence that could eventually be used to take away my favourite sandwich (which btw is Salmon, sliced gherkin, hot english mustard, kewpie mayonaise, cheese, cucumber & lettuce on wholegrain washed down w/ a cider).

Let’s face it, the arguements against gay marriage are crap. Tthe population arguement is invalid (there’s already 7 f*ckin billion of us, many of whom can’t be fed), the religous arguement is invalid (“GOD” is apparently omniscient and as such made all things EXACTLY as they should be so take it up with him/her/it) & the “it’ll encourage the kids to be Gay” arguement is invalid AND retarded (I saw a HELL OF A LOT of ppl playing cricket as a kid but short of a gun to thead, you ain’t gettin me to stand in a field for hours while some twit in white chucks balls at another guy with a stick)

I’m not into Beetroot sandwiches so I just don’t eat em.

It really is that fuckin simple.
thus endeth the rant…

Australia’s Religion is Nationalism

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Australia’s Religion is Nationalism. I’ve met Flag-Humpers that are a hundred times worse than any Bible-Basher. Even Jesus Freaks don’t demand you leave the country for simply not agreeing with them.
“Bury your crosses, Burn your flags,
The ties that blind, The chains that drag,
Bury your crosses, Burn your flags”

Erasing Borders – The MOLOTOV

Don’t wanna pay the f*cking Carbon Tax?

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Tourism in Oz will drop by approx %40 (%70 in QLD) if ocean temps rise by 2 degrees & the entire Barrier Reef is bleached out (dead). Natural disasters from Global Warming will raise food production costs between %40 – %200 OR MORE. Higher sea levels (melting polar caps) means less grazing & crop land & higher temps mean more disease & food spoilage +$

Rather pay those costs instead? Cause I’m pretty sure Babblin Abbott, Clive Palmer & the Mining Maggots won’t help you by subsidizing any of those prices 😉